Meredith Mullins
B & W and Hand-colored Black and White Photographs of Paris, Asia, & U.S.A.

ALL IMAGES © by Meredith Mullins.

“Meredith's photographs of Paris take us even deeper into new awareness. They reveal the hidden patterns of everyday scenes-the circles, squares, and stripes that miraculously blend and connect the animate to the inanimate. And her spare, elegant prose accompanying the images also serves to enliven our perceptions.”

Mary Pope Osborne, Author

“Bridging art and travel, this book reaches for the essence of Parisian life through short essays, travel notes, and black-and-white photographs. The collection captures the city's timeless quality through its artists and shopkeepers, its gardens, cafes and marketplaces."

San Francisco Chronicle

“If time ever stands still, I hope it looks like Meredith Mullins' photographs: introspective and contemplative, yes; joyous and celebratory, sometimes; but also quirky and mysterious. All of which makes her work so challenging and rewarding.”

Steve Hauk, Writer/Art Dealer

“What you notice right away is a “love at first sight” passion that exudes through every page. The writing is very personal; the images are layers of split-second moments, recorded by an urban explorer who has walked the streets for decades taking in the visual nuance that only a lover would notice.”

Dennis High, Executive Director/Curator, Center for Photographic Art

"Sylish and elegant, Mullins has captured the essence of Paris focusing in particular on people shots taken in everyday life situations rather than the obvious tourist attractions."

France Magazine

"Following in the footsteps of the great classic 35 mm photographers, Meredith Mullins has just come out with a new book on Paris, which captures the city in timeless tones of black-and-white."

The Paris Voice

"Far more intriguing than merely an art book or travel book, this collection of short essays, duotone photographs, and travel notes captures in images and words the essence of the world's most romantic city."

Metro LA

"It's Mullins' intimacy and knowledge of her subject that make In A Paris Moment so special. The book is her own moveable feast of striking portraits, landscapes and ideas, which together showcase the personal relationship she has developed with Paris over the last quarter century."

Ryan Masters, Staff Writer, Monterey County Weekly

"This is a wonderful book which seeks not the tourist sites, but those places and faces which illuminate the soul of this great city."

Linda Walonen, Bay Books, San Ramon, California

“The author's quotes, stories, and black-and-white slices of time indeed capture Paris moments, but in their uniquely personal way, they beckon the viewer/reader to connect. To connect with the places, to connect with the emotions, to connect with the people. I heartily recommend this stunning rendition of true “joie de vivre” to anyone who has been to Paris or wishes to visit, and to those of us who long for that ultimate connection to our own moments that transcend language and time, but that show us who we are and what we can become if we pay attention.”

Donna Leiber, Amazon Review

"If you can't spend April in Paris, this book may provide your next best option. The dramatic black-and-white photographs do far more than depict the streets and monuments of the City of Light-they capture the essence and soul of Paris. The beautifully written short essays are both personal and universal. But be warned, you may quickly find yourself phoning your travel agent.”

Chuck Robinson, Village Books, Bellingham, Washington

“Those who share Mullins' passion for Paris will find this book much to their liking. Gazing at the exquisite photographs will certainly bring back fond memories as well as create a desire for a return visit to the city.”

Silas Spatsh (The Salinas Californian)

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