Meredith Mullins
B & W and Hand-colored Black and White Photographs of Paris, Asia, & U.S.A.

ALL IMAGES © by Meredith Mullins.

Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, California 

Images from the "Free Floating" series.

Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, California (8 x 10 exhibit)
November 2016

Two images from The Paris "La Neige" series were exhibited.

"Cinq en Seine" at Etienne de Causans Gallery, Paris, France

April 2016
International artist exhibit at the Etienne de Causans Gallery, 25 rue de Seine, Paris 75006. See Meredith's new work from "The Circus is (Always) in Town" series, as well as work from the "Paris Snow" series and "Free Floating" (an underwater pool journey in grace, defiance of gravity, and timelessness).

A group exhibit featuring Meredith's photographs and sculptors Françoise Baron and Kent Ravenscroft, painter Nadine Coleman, and photographer Raye. 

Light and Shadow Exhibit at PH21 Gallery in Budapest
December 17-January 7, 2016

Solo exhibit "The Circus is (Always) in Town" at the American Hospital in Paris.
Benefit for Healing Through the Arts
November 2015–January 2016.

A/Symmetrical Exhibit at PH21 Gallery in Budapest
October 15–November 4, 2015

Meredith's work "Pas de Deux" has been selected as one of the top awardees.

Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, California (8 x 10 exhibit)
Through November 14, 2015

Two images from "The Circus is Always in Town" series are exhibited.

Benefit for Every Child is a Gem/Art with a Purpose at The Dailey Method Studio
May 20, 2015 (7–9 pm)
71 Avenue Victor Hugo, Paris, 75116

Meredith exhibited new work and work from the Paris series and Free Floating series, with painter Jo Charlton.

Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, California

Juried Exhibit
Carmel, California
January/February 2015

La Galerie 102
September 25–October 2, 2014
102 rue Cherche Midi
75006 Paris

Meredith exhibited a retrospective of her work in "Paris and Beyond," with fellow Parisian expat Richard Nahem. The exhibit included images from the recent "Free Floating" series, as well as rare Paris snow scenes, street stories, and images from Budapest, Istanbul, and the Silk Road. 

Pacific Grove Art Center
July 18–August 28, 2014
568 Lighthouse Avenue, Pacific Grove, CA

Meredith debuted the Free Floating exhibit at the Pacific Grove Art Center. A little about the show:

The Free Floating series of photographs centers on time and space—moments that expand between the ticks of a clock . . . and movement that challenges the normal rules of mass and matter.

 For me, these images are about upending all that is static, defying gravity. There is no rulebook—for the photographer, the free floating subjects, or the viewer. These images are about being set free.

Free Floating

I (and the subjects) are underwater (or just above) in this series of photographs. We float, with little fanfare (no fancy equipment)—just a gulp of air and a hope to capture the beauty of the free-floating world before the air runs out.

I am particularly thankful to my subjects, who are as happy to free float as I am. That's the way it should be.

Etienne des Causans Gallery, 25 rue de Seine, Paris

March 31-April 5, 2014

Meredith joined two painters and a sculptor for an exhibit at the Etienne des Causans Gallery in Paris. A preview of the new "Free Floating" series, as well as work from the Paris series.

Opening reception from 6-9 pm on the evening of March 31. And ... stop by anytime from 11-1 or 2:30-7 pm.

Thank you to everyone who made L'Esprit du Lieu (Spirit of Place) a memorable exhibition.

From Meredith--about the exhibit:

For years, my photographs of Paris have been inspired by “decisive moments” and by the unfolding stories of the streets—the beauty, humor, and characters that are so much a part of Parisian life. I described myself as someone who really knew Paris.

Now that I am living here, I realize I don’t really know Paris very well at all … yet. I am just beginning to understand the underlying forces. And so, like a heat-seeking missile, I go looking for energy. I am drawn to movement and rhythm—and the expanse of time that seems to hang suspended between each tick of the clock.

This collection of photographs is about traveling outside of time. It’s about images so classical and without boundary that they seem timeless. It’s about images with such a sweep of moments captured in a fraction of a second … that they seem to defy time. It’s about being set free.

En Dehors du Temps Exhibit

Thank you for supporting Meredith's January/February 2011 California exhibition of photographs En Dehors du Temps (Outside of Time). Please take a virtual tour, in the gallery of this site.






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